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Yup, Vol Magic is Eco-Friendly too

Did you know that washing a car in your driveway uses an average of more than 100 gallons of fresh water?

At Vol Magic Wash, we only use around 17 gallons of fresh water for a basic wash. Plus, we capture approximately 80% of water and recycle it. What happens to the other 20%? It falls off your car when you drive out of the tunnel, but the good news is that all the water used in Vol Magic Washes is purified first, so what does drain away is pure, filtered water.

Here's what we do behind the scenes:


We use the PurWater water purification system that runs 24 hours a day. It removes impurities and injects water with bacteria-eliminating ozone. Then, we have six, 450-gallon tanks that allow heavier particles to settle out of the water before it returns to the main pump. 


This means that your vehicle AND the environment benefit from the cleanest water possible!

Vol Magic wants to keep your car clean AND conserve water! This is what happens in our wash tunnel:

  • Captures, reuses, and purifies all wash water

  • Uses a state of the art precision distribution system to mix and deliver cleaning agents without wasting a drop

  • Uses fully biodegradable cleaning agents

  • Uses variable frequency drives (VFD) to control and minimize the use of electrical power.

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